This was the second time for visit - Dr was awesome as well as all present in office. My Grandson is hyper & sometimes disagreeable - All were very patient & understanding

Rosalie Wilkins

Are you happy with our service?

Yes I am.  You’re great. Keep up the good work!

Letesha Hall

I wish my wife & I could find a doctor and staff that treated us with such good care. You guys rock!

Brian Ford

Am I happy with the service? I am DELIGHTED!

Dr. Jackson always calls me back, she always follows-up and she always makes me feel ok that I called.

I am so happy Dr Jackson is our doctor. I feel confident that no matter what happens I have someone with compassion & knowledge to help. Thank you!

Andra Alexander

In six years in Florida, this has been the best doctor we’ve been to - very thorough!!

Great reception staff as well-

Denise M. Cali

Dr. Jackson takes her time to answer our questions - makes jokes and puts kids at ease!

Rachel Childers

We are very pleased with your services!

Helpful staff and the most caring and understanding doctor! Would definitely recommend to all!

Gita Dabiri Kian

Thank you for giving me that prescription it really helped me get better!

Jourdan Carlton

I wish I could remember verbatim all the wonderful praise I gave on my yahoo group regarding Dr. Jackson! We appreciate so many little things. This is the perfect practice for a homebirth family and all that entails.

Cynthia Foisy

Thank you Dr. Jackson for your help last Sunday. I know that I will be healthy soon. Your staff is friendly and professional. You all have gained my trust!

Elbert Snead, D.C.

You wonderful ladies are so great! Thank you for your wonderful help with Tristynn!

Thank you!

Candice Baker

You guys Rock!

Everyone here takes the time to really help. It’s obvious that you all really care!


Paul Bourgeois

Dr. Jackson:

You make us feel so welcome & you always make sure you address all of our concerns. We appreciate that more than you know. We are so thankful to have found a Dr. like you who truly cares about her patients!

Megan Pendleton (Madison’s mom)

We love your service!! Thanks for being here!!

Jessica Ferguson

I have been very pleased with the excellence in everything that is accomplished here.

They treat your child - literally - as if it were their own. We are very blessed to know the people here and to enjoy the benefits of such a practice. Thank you.

Rosa Clifford

The doctor and employees are very understanding and they do a good job.

Diana Boynton

We are so happy to have found such a great doctor! Thank you Dr. Jackson-Curtis!

Megan Pendleton

I am very happy with the office as well as the staff. Everyone here is very nice. I love bringing my daughter here.

Angela Barbara

Dr. Jackson is the Best! She gives me the facts but lets me decide as the parent what I want to do without pressuring me or making me feel bad. She takes her time and is VERY thorough and answers all of your questions before she leaves the room. I travel 40 miles one way to see her and it is worth the drive.

Janna Mostardo

Dr. Jackson is an amazing doctor but what really keeps me coming here is the staff. Jannet, Angie, Dee all of you treat my child as if she is the only patient here. Dr. Jackson never makes us feel rushed when I’m asking first time mom questions.

Paige is so comfortable with all of you. Thank you so much for caring about her health as much as I do. I recommend this office to everyone I know.

Holly Gutierrez

Dr. Jackson & Angie & Jannet & Dee,

Thanks so much for your TLC! You guys are the best! We love you! God bless you all!

Trenny Fuller & Olivia & Elliot

Dr. Jackson!

You are the best. You make Zachary’s coming home a real success story with a very hormonal mommy - Your advice & practicality in getting me on supplement with Pamela Seefeld helped me to exclusively breastfeed & get over the yucky hormone imbalance in record time. We love & appreciate you and all your staff.

Lisa Herbst

Dr. Jackson found out what was troubling our son - and she was our 3rd opinion!

She is amazing & thorough and takes the time to really explain everything! She’s our son’s Dr. from now on!

M. Wildman-Porter

Dr. Jackson and her staff are the best. They make you feel very comfortable and really take time out to know my children. Anytime I have a question or need my kids to be seen they take care of it all!!

Dr. Jackson is very supportive of my breastfeeding and my water birth. I know my family is getting the best care!

Ingrid Hatton

Dr. Jackson in the most personable doctor I have ever met. She is extremely thorough, too. She has caught what other doctors would have easily overlooked with my son. I am so thankful to have a pediatrician who takes the time to care.

Laura Ayre

I am so excited to have found you through my birthing center. I thought the days of a great doctor-patient relationship were over having never experienced it before now. I never feel rushed like I did with my other pediatrician, and your staff is always friendly and helpful. My family and I appreciate the wonderful service you have given us. Thanks!

Cassandra Alderman   

We cannot express our feelings about Dr. Jackson. She is an angel and a gift from God to children.

She goes past the call of duty always. I can’t imagine our lives without her. The best news of all is she also knows her stuff. All these qualities combined seems impossible. But believe me it’s true. Much love to Dr. Jackson,

The Hendrieth Family - Palm Harbor, Florida

My husband and I are absolutely thrilled to have Dr. Danuta Jackson as our new little Ocean’s Pedi. She and the rest of her staff have been so helpful and caring towards our every concern.

It is of such importance for us to have the best care for our child and Dr. Jackson has gone out of her way with her personalized services.

I truly have felt her care and concern with our daughter and this means the world to us.

I would and do recommend Dr. Jackson to anyone looking for optimal care and peace of mind for their family and child.

Stephanie and Chris Lang

Everyone was very nice and went out of their way for my son. I will tell everyone I know about this place. Because in our time of need they took us in and made sure my son would be OK!

Dustin J. Neal

Thank you for all your hard work and DEDICATION!

We love you -

Madison and Logan Pendleton  XOXO

My first visit here was wonderful. Everyone was helpful and patient with all 3 of my children. Thanks so much doctor.

Martha Chevere

Alexis loves Dr. Jackson & the nurses here. They are really good with her, and in emergencies or when we are unsure of some things she is there for us. Plus she explains everything so I can understand it.

Laura Grass

Out experience was excellent. The staff is wonderful. So is the Doc. Thanks!!

Lee Anna Golden

Sara L. Gutierrez

Dr. Jackson-

Thank you so very much for working with us in our children’s health care. We appreciate your input and helping us make informed & knowledgeable decisions.

We are going to miss you & your wonderful staff very, very much.

God Bless,

The Bain Family

Yes, Dr. Jackson is very thorough and informative and professional

Thank you

Deena Lucht

I’m very happy w/ Dr. Danuta’s service!

For myself & my daughter - they had the most thorough & caring physical I had ever witnessed. Thank you.

It’s also wonderful to have such a pro-active physician in regards to breastfeeding.

Susan Garden

Doctor was great!

Very informative. My daughter was great with her.

Linda Hoffman

I have been searching for the past 4 years for a doctor for my children, and have not been satisfied until I met Dr. Jackson.

She is the only doctor who I have met who I feel truly cares about her patients well being and preventive health care. She listens to the parents questioning & concerns and takes her time explaining and examining.

I would recommend her to any parent w/children because I truly feel she is one of the only doctors in the filed for the love of helping people. I trust her and am glad to be a patient in her office.

Angela J. Christu

I love you very much. You keep me well.


We were pleased -- Dr. Jackson was the best understanding doctor. We would love to thank you for your time & love & patience to the best doctor & helpers.

Thank you once again.

God Blessed you all.


Thank you Dr. Jackson for doing my stiches!!

Alex MacColeman

I am thrilled with everyone here. You are all so great!!!

Trenny Fuller

Thank you for everything. You have been well with Katheryn. She has adapted well with you.

I will NOT see anyone else but you. She is growing well. Thank you for being her doctor.

Karoline Treen

Dr. Jackson is a gift from God, she is great, my daughters love coming to the doctor, and that’s a big change.

The nursing staff is so friendly and caring, it’s also impossible not to refer to your friends and relatives to her office. The great part is you do not have to go to any other doctor’s office. This office offers the full package. Dad, Momma, and the kids. They really care.

The Hendrieth Family

Dr. Jackson, Angie & other staff,

We have been bringing Dylan & Devin here since they were babies. Through the years you have been the best doctor to our boys.

You are so patient and genuinely interested in what the children say.

I’ve had to call very late in the evening and you tell me to bring them in, that you are still at the office. I often wonder if you get any sleep!

Now the boys are 5 and 8 and we are moving to South Carolina. We are excited about the move, but will miss you very much. Thank you for all the great service through the years.

Cassandra Strain

Before we came to Dr. Jackson, my 2 year old daughter had had upwards of 18 sinus infections and we were scheduling surgery.

You suggest a vaccine booster and she has not been sick since! Thank you so much for being up to date and informed. You saved us so much stress and worry and most likely needless surgery.

Vicki Hagerman-Bozzone

Your services at Better Health are very generous and welcoming and the nurses and doctors make you feel very comfortable.  If I was to rate this office between 1 and 10 I would give it a 200!!!

Thank You,

Sharon and June Mucheke

Thank you for being so caring and encouraging. We’re so blessed to have our children in your care.  God bless you for your kindness.  We appreciate all you have done.


Lew, Sylvia, Hannah, and Summer Miesz

Dr. Danuta,

Thank you for making me feel much better!

Autumn Schmeider

Dr. Jackson-Curtis was most helpful and really took the time to educate me on what was going on with my baby! No one has ever done that.  I am very happy to have found this place!! Thank You!

Jolie Hillman